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mom it smells funny can we go home now?
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Artist: MEMO (pixiv)

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*is pathetic and sensitive but also a giant asshole*

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list of people i like:

  1. dogs

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Junji Ito’s book signing event was held in ヴィレッジヴァンガード下北沢店 on 19 Jul 2014.

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so here’s my sexy anime opinions for the new summer anime

must watch 

akame ga kill

  • watch because: lighthearted fantasy murdering
  • similar to: ???? find me something like this so i can watch it


  • watch because: yotsuba anime is never happening. this is as close as we get
  • similar to: usagi drop

monthly girls nozaki-kun

  • watch because: shoujo anime making fun of shoujo anime/manga. 
  • similar toouran high school host club’s comedy


  • watch because: the main character will step over allied corpses to win at airsoft (its funny)
  • similar to: daily lives of high school boys, binbougami-ga

terror in resonance

  • watch because: mature thriller by the cowboy bebop crew
  • similar to: eden of the east, time of eve, steins gate

kuroshitsuji: book of circus

  • watch because: season 2 was horrible and kuroshitsuji is pretty funny sometimes.
  • similar to: kuroshitsuji manga. 

on the fence

love stage

  • good: bright colors, cute and lively characters
  • bad: with all BL, i’m worried about where it will go

nobunaga concerto

  • good: a nobunaga who isn’t a gun, giant robot, or big breasted idol
  • bad: weirdo cg animation


  • good: it’s sao so it’s mindless fun
  • bad: i’ve read the ln so i know how stupid ggo is

hyper dropped

tokyo ghoul

  • i’ll wait for the uncensored version.

prism illya2

  • i don’t want to go to jail

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Dio stop that is not how you parent

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Follow my co-run blog! @usagi-diets

Tonight I’m starting a weight loss/fitness blog with retro-beauty! This will keep all my dieting whining out of here.

We’re going to write about the diets we are trying, as well as post pictures of our progress. I’ll be updating on my tennis lessons and other exercise, too.

If you know me irl, you know that I’m graduating college (finally!!) this spring, so I want to be comfortable with how I look. I want to love the pictures of me in my cap and gown, since I worked so hard for it.

So, if you want, follow usagi-diets! Unlike here, I’ll be tagging all my posts and reblogs, since weight is a sensitive topic.

I hope I’ll be a more kawaii anime blogger soon. 💖

Anonymous said:
you're shit


More like THE shit amirite



making your friend watch a horrible movie that you have already seen



"yeah, mami is my favorite character too" - me, to many people, before madoka episode 3