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anime retirement home
mom it smells funny can we go home now?

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if you reblog or promo moneymaking crap im going to unfollow you. please don’t take advantage of a very young user base. 



「ねんどろいど と 居酒屋」

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it took me 1 year and 2 hours to finish supernatural episode 4

About the Blogger - Sexy Adult Version

Bold or Cross Out what you have done:

  • filed income taxes
  • filed income taxes before april
  • applied for a filing extension 
  • paid for an income tax filing service
  • started college
  • graduated college
  • have a degree above a b.a./b.s.
  • went to trade school
  • began paying back student debt
  • finished paying student debt
  • opened a credit card
  • checked your credit score and didn’t cry 
  • bought furniture from ikea
  • bought furniture from a furniture store other than ikea
  • rented an apartment
  • bought an apartment/condo/house
  • moved in with your partner
  • got married/would be married if legal
  • threw a dish or cup away instead of washing it
  • bought clothes for your pet
  • got a membership at costco/sams club/etc
  • got a gym membership
  • went to the gym more than twice in a month
  • moved out of state without your family
  • framed your posters because you’re an adult now
  • ate cereal at 3am
  • went grocery shopping alone
  • went grocery shopping alone and bought more than cookie dough and more cereal
  • marathoned an entire TV series because no one can stop you now
  • went on vacation to disney world/land without anyone under 21 with you
  • thought about retirement
  • freaked out about retirement and started putting more money into it
  • wondered about your cholesterol 
  • fixed a flat tire
  • tried to fix a flat tire but gave up and bought a year of AAA
  • drank at bar/restaurant
  • drank at a bar/restaurant with your parents
  • sat at the adult table at holidays
  • hosted a holiday
  • hosted a holiday and family actually came to it
  • made sangria
  • filled a pitcher with moscato, sprite, and fruit slices and called it sangria.


Time for things


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why this

it’s a-maize-ing 


a plus-side to being my friend is that you can come to my house in your pajamas and i will not judge you because i will also be in my pajamas

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